Devin Case-Ruchala

devincr [at] unc [dot] edu

singular they pronouns 

(see my pronoun statement)

I study the political economy of finance from an international, comparative, and historical perspective. Broadly, I am interested in the political constitution and governance of financial markets and employ both quantitative and qualitative methodological approaches.  

I will receive my PhD in political science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May 2023 and am joining the University of North Carolina at Asheville as a Postdoctoral Fellow in August 2023. 

My core research agenda examines the origins and diffusion of government-initiated public banks ("G-Pubs"). I constructed an original dataset of G-Pub formation, which includes over 1,300 G-Pubs and spans the period 1401-2021. In additional research projects, I explore the relationship between public banks and climate-related finance, the role of democratic institutions in financial integration and financial crisis diffusion, and the global governance of illicit finance.

Like the old adage "think globally, act locally", I value extending the public reach of my research background and training through partnerships with impact-oriented and practitioner-facing organizations, especially those focused on green and community-based finance. As such, I have worked with the The Democracy Collaborative and currently assist in projects with the Municipal Services Project and Coalition for Green Capital.